Can a person really hate another?

Maybe a slight dislike

or might consider an enemy or indifferent,

But can a person really hate another?

Well, It can happen

Yet it is scarce as it is of our human nature to sympathize

As it is of human nature to act authentic in front of others, which makes it hard to be hated.

A lot of people use the term ‘hate’ for everything,

However, there are degrees of undesired

The extreme, most extent of dislike, which occurs rarely, is what is considered hate.

A lot of people mistaken jealousy for hated

If your jealous of another, that does not mean you can hate them

For example, I can be jealous of my sister because she bought a better dress than mine,

Does that mean I hate her?…NO

To hate meeds a lot of cruelty, inhumanity, a cold-hearted person.

-Arwa Ahmed