go find yourself

State the duration of your stay

State your identity, State your gender

I’m of 15 years, I am a spawn

What’s between my legs is none of your concern

Spare me the burn of your judgement

I’m a captive of the cage

Tight bars glisten in triumph, bars imprinted with mockery

As my age increases, the space between my bars decrease

Pulling me in a suffocating vice, but a small window hung up on the right of the wall

Shines a slice of light through my darkness

My soul has been pulled apart, my mind altered, and brainwashed

My face has been scratched and plucked, and my body holds the skin of disdain

Stuck in a box, Riddled with locks

Locks of gender and age; restricting, restraining

Unnerved thoughts like a ticking clock

Racing to escape the drape of my society

State your origins, State your parents

My origins were of simplicity, but my present is of corrupted complexity

My parents are the current society, the criterion notoriety

Implicators of; How to walk, How to talk, How to dress, How to think

But I am the master of their creation, for I have stood by their construction

Being fooled into a safe haven, only to discover the wrath of its suffocation

Is it too late?

I cannot breathe, I cannot breathe

My heartbeat races, Quickens in anxiety

The await of my trial escapes me, my soul tenses in false hope of escaping,

My fingers twitch in the restless anticipation to become one with life

But the reflection of my being, Is that of a puppet, strings pulled, and stretched as pleased

Whispers of taunts, outmonsters the strength of my defiance

My dear, You are a captive of the sane

My dear, Your chains are of Gauging, Warning, and Banning

My dear, you are a wife of the nation, a mother to the generations

My dear, you are to wash their wrongs, and conceal their flaws

Screams slash out in protest, hands pound unmercifully on the iron bars

Eyes drop in false hope of it being a nightmare

I reopen my eyes, I look around

To see my supposed family and friends, gathered together bound with ignorance

What just happened?

– Malak Mareey