AIS’s high school club, Random Acts of Kindness, has been one of the most established and long-lasting clubs in our high school. But countless people still do not truly know the meaning and purpose behind what RAK really is. I have taken it upon myself to interview one of the heads of RAK to get an insight to what Random Acts of Kindness is really about, and I’m pleased to share that the organization is one that is selfless, compassionate, helpful and completely for the being of the society and environment, and it is definitely a club worth joining.

Me: First of all, hi! Would you like to introduce who you are?

Farida: Well, I’m Farida Saker, a junior, and I’m currently the vice president of RAK.

Me: So what is RAK and the purpose?

Farida: RAK is a committee that stands for Random Acts of Kindness and the reason we started it at school is to sort of spread kindness all around the school and raise school spirit and encourage people to be better versions of themselves in society.

Me: Okay! Do you guys have any club rituals or traditions?

Farida: Um, well I mean I guess the club is kind of notorious for the movie night, and we also have RAK week in February where we do little small acts of kindness everyday, like different things everyday.

Me: Cool, so um how can someone get into RAK? Do they need any qualifications or characteristics?

Farida: Oh yeah, so people sign up in the beginning of every year, and um, to some extent they have to have some experience with being in a committee, they have to be responsible, they have to be dedicated,they have to be willing to sacrifice some of their time to be dedicated to RAK, they have to be able to show up to all events and meetings.

Me: Is there something you guys look for especially when you’re accepting people?

Farida: Not really, I mean it all comes, well, with a lot of people like there are certain people you just know, and you know the type of personality they have. So you either know whether they should be accepted or not. But other people we’re not so sure of, they get interviewed and we just want to see that they actually want to be in the group, they don’t just want to be in it for the hours or to have it on their college applications; they want to be in it for the right reasons.

Me: Okay, so what’s next for RAK?

Farida: Um, well we’re having a blanket drive right now, or we’re about to start it, and also we want to sell food every thursday, or once a week to raise money to buy presents for SOS, which is an orphanage we always visit, and we have an orphanage visit on December 10th.

Me: What do you guys wish to achieve or accomplish?

Farida: Sort of the same thing as I said earlier, like we want to spread positivity around the school, we want to encourage people to be nicer to the people around them and even if it’s just small things, you know, like saying “Good Morning” to a person. It’s just small things that really make a difference because someone may be having a really bad day but those small things just turn their day around. And, just to raise overall school spirit.

Me: Okay! That’s cool, thank you so much.

By Farida Hamza