The pain spreads everywhere through her body. Her hands hurt badly. Her back is wounded severely. Her legs are not like they used to be, she cannot hold herself together any longer. Her shoulders and knees are shaking from what she has done. How could she take her life from the face of this earth? How could she do this to the people who love her? Her heart is breaking into millions of pieces, shattered on the ground. She speaks from her soul and spirit. She says what’s around her and on her mind. She looks and observes the world. She will never be a fake person to anyone. She was so passionate about what she did. How could she do this? A missing girl, she is nowhere to be found. Is there more innocence in the universe? Forgetting who she was and why she used to live. She drowned. She flew but the engine stop working.  She realized that the knife was in her sentiment core and it was too late to change her life and get it back. Where were your other chances? Every person should at least have a second chance! Where is it? Who let you do this?  Why should she have to end it all like this? Like paper in the wind and blown out candles.  

Nobody understands how this all began?

Who has got the guts to argue for what is right and stand?

Will there ever be peace?

Will this world ever unite as one piece?

Are you thankful for what you have, or broken inside for what you miss?

Are you waiting for some drops and dews of future bliss?

Do you wish to be anything but you?

Or do you wish to stay true?

By Nada Ali