In 1895, in Massachusetts, a man named William developed a game called Mintonette, which was a combination of handball and tennis. This game is considered the beginning/origin of volleyball. By 1916, different styles, plays, and techniques were developed to play the game. Soon, it was realized that set rules and regulations would be needed for Mintonette, or volleyball, to become an official sport. To make that happen, the United States Volleyball Association was developed in 1928. From that time, many rules were added and changed to make the game we have today. In 1964, volleyball was introduced to the Olympic games in Tokyo. That being said, let’s see how this relates to the current events at AIS.

From November 9 to November 13, our AIS JV girls and boys were in Abu Dhabi competing in the annual Oasis Volleyball Tournament. The teams stayed at a hotel in Abu Dhabi and played in the American International School of Abu Dhabi (AISA). Seven different schools were present for the tournament, and they included the girl’s and boy’s teams from AIS Jordan, Dhahran, AIS Jeddah, AISA, Beirut, and Kuwait. The Tournament started on November 10th and ended the 12th. Our teams played two games the first day, three the second day, and two the third day, including the final. All the teams had a great experience and the tournament ended with Jordan in first place for the girls and Beirut in first place for the boys. Congratulations to the winning teams and hard luck to our unlucky JV Volleyball teams.

At the same time in Egypt at AISE the Varsity girls and boys AISE team were competing in the Oasis tournament. The same teams from the group of Oasis schools were competing, and our Varsity teams both made it to the finals and ended in the top three winning schools. Congratulations to our AISE Varsity teams!!

By Fareeda Eraky