During high school and college years, many students are encouraged to travel, study, or work abroad. Traveling at a young age teaches young people a better understanding of what they want to continue doing in life. When people are young, they are still trying to figure out what they want to do as a career or where they want to work. Traveling abroad gives them the skill and the experience to a more personal benefit in the professional world. It is better to take the advantage to travel abroad when young people have the freedom and youth to do what they want to or think about their future.

First of all, traveling abroad helps young people to get out of their comfort zone. Either a comfort zone at home, with friends, with their communities, or daily activities. The thought of getting out of their comfort zone freaks everyone out or makes them uncomfortable. While traveling abroad, the comfort zone must be broken in order to act or respond to people in their surroundings. Being in a new place with new people, traditions, surroundings, and values strips away all the familiarity. It might be scary at first, but once you figure out how to connect with different people despite the differences, it’ll be easier to navigate in a different environment.

Traveling also build up confidence. When someone is traveling abroad, they need to build up their confidence and take the public transit or ask where the grocery store is. Eventually, they’ll need to adapt to foreign situations. Many obstacles may appear due to the lack of communications because the young kids won’t fully know the foreign language. Despite the obstacles, kids will learn how to overcome their own obstacles. They’ll be able to know how to do many things, and they know they can do it if they don’t give up.

Traveling abroad must be pretty fun. It is an experience not many kids get to have. They learn new cultures, languages, history, etc. Challenges are overcome and new things are learned through mistakes. Students who learn aboard have a high possibility to understand what they want to learn or do in their future. A better understanding of life is given, which helps them have more options to choose from. Traveling abroad at a young age is better because there’s nothing to worry about just college. They get more privileges and energy to do what they want to do. Travel abroad when you have the chance instead of waiting until you have no time at all.

By Camila Labrosse