FULL Interview with The Head

I joined AIS4EGYPT on the 3rd of October and, quite frankly, I strongly believe it is one of the most productive clubs I’ve ever participated in. We have been exerting strenuous efforts since day 1, aiming to enhance our environment in Egypt in every possible way. So far, the pinnacle of the club’s accomplishments can be seen through last term’s visit to the Cancer Hospital 57357. Apparently, in each term, the club takes heed to a different purpose/aim. For instance, our main objective in term 1 was to visit hospitals and support the patients’ families. Currently, however, we will hopefully focus more on improving the educational system in schools located in rural areas. Fortunately, before writing this article, I had the great opportunity to meet with one of the club’s heads, Hana Zoheir. She further discloses more information concerning AIS4EGYPT’s future plans and its ultimate goal:

We are currently working on developing education in general in Egypt’s schools, particularly in those located in rural areas. We will try to help out in every single way… from donating to painting school walls. Unfortunately, there are myriads of schools throughout Egypt that do not even have furniture. We shouldn’t leave them that way. Additionally, we strongly aim to apply an education program that would eventually help children how to read and write – Arabic or English – that’s what we’re currently working on.
Ultimate goal? It’s mainly about the people out there. We are just trying to help them. We want to give them recognition and respect that they need and deserve.”

Sadly, Egypt’s 25.9% of its population has no clue how to read or write. Furthermore, we are currently experiencing a unprecedented economic crisis, with the level of economic activities unrelentingly fluctuates. The middle-class is suffering; but there are people out there that cannot get help, including families that spend their days watching over their dying children in hospitals. Hence, AIS4EGYPT aims to eradicate illiteracy and support all suffering families…

By Ali Labana