We have heard a little about ESMA and what they do and when they go, but we don’t really know the details or what happens when they are there. I have always wondered what ESMA stood for or what it meant. I knew I wanted to be a part of ESMA and help out, but never knew how because I wasn’t able to attend the trips. Well here I am now to tell you more about ESMA.

ESMA stands for Egyptian Society for the Mercy of Animals. If you have been in Egypt for a while, you will know that there are many stray cats and dogs. Many of them are really thin and have their ribcages showing because they don’t have any shelter or way of surviving in the busy city of Cairo. ESMA provides shelter for these stray cats and dogs and protect them from the busy city. The club at our school goes and helps out in ESMA.

The club usually sponsors an ESMA trip every month on a Friday. One of the heads of the ESMA club, Mohammed Orban says, “We are a club that is dedicated to helping stray dogs and cats in ESMA shelters because we believe that every living soul in Egypt needs to live a happy life.” Members of the ESMA club at our school raise money for the animals that are in surgery. They also go to their shelters to clean the place, walk the dogs, feed them, wash them and hang around with them. They support these animals in every way they can, physically and emotionally. These animals don’t just need a place to sleep and food to eat; they also need love from humans. This club is doing a phenomenal job of providing them with what they need. If you can’t physically be there to help out, don’t worry, you can do something to. They need donations to help the animals with surgery, so donate to ESMA.

By Fisson Tibbo