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We all have aim big and hope to accomplish our goals. Goals are something fundamental that we all need and in order to accomplish these things we must really put our mind and effort to it. Goals can literally be anything, they can range from scoring A on your next test to being nicer to people. How are we to accomplish these? What must we do to have these goals achieved to highest potential? Firstly don’t just set any goal, pick a goal that aspires you do better. If you are not confident about your goal you are most likely not going to put the time and effort to achieve it. It requires commitment, as without the drive to accomplish it, it surely won’t happen. When setting a goals, use the smart method

Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time Bound.

Your goals should be a specific, not unclear, by setting a specific goal you are able to precise in what you want to do

Measurable- set dates and deadline in which we are able to step by step allow ourselves to achieve the goal to its full potential

Attainable- don’t set a goal, which you are unable to achieve. Insure that you can achieve theses goals

Relevant- your goal should be something that will benefit you greatly.

Time bound- give your goal a deadline. This will motivated you to work on it before the deadline ends

Give yourself a plan and outline to accomplish the goal. By staying organized and constructing a plan you’re able to efficiently progress until you reach your goal. Remember to always stay motivated and a dedicated to your goal.  No matter what the outcome is, know that you tried your hardest as well as you put the effort.  Never give up! Good luck on setting your goal!

By Karim Ghobrial