In AISE, National Honor Society, or also referred to as NHS is one of the most important and prestigious clubs at school, with who we wanted to take a closer insight at along with its overall role. Thus, we interviewed its Vice President, Tamara Abdelaty.

What is NHS?

  • National Honor Society is an international organization that recognizes its outstanding high school students, who excel in diverse areas.

What is its purpose?

  • It’s purpose is to raise awareness and money for charity and any numerous organizations, which help the poor. NHS targets small-unknown charities, which are in desperate need for money and help.

What are the criteria for members to enter?

  • Members should have a 3.4 cumulative GPA or higher with an entire year of a clean record as well as a lot of input in service hours.

What are the four pillars and give a brief description of each?

  • Leadership- taking on a responsibility and organizing a certain assigned task.
  • Scholarship- having a decent academic level
  • Service- commitment to your community
  • Character- being kind, humble, and gentle

By Arwa Ahmed