Celebrated in the United States and Canada ,Thanksgiving has been around since 1621. It was originally known as Plymouth Plantation, and it was a tradition where the Pilgrims invited the Native Americans after a successfully growing season. In the Unites States, in 1863, Sarah Josepha Hale, a famous editor convinced President Lincoln to declare Thanksgiving a national holiday. The holiday was originally celebrated to give thanks to the harvest. In Canada, it is celebrated on the Second Monday of October. In 1941 FDR moved the date of thanksgiving to the fourth Thursday of November. The celebration was originally religious and is a form of giving thanks. People from all around the world celebrated their harvests. Today, most people celebrate Thanksgiving by having a feast of Thanksgiving dinner that usually includes turkey and a few other traditional thanksgiving foods. But why do people eat Turkey on Thanksgiving?

People in the United States eat turkey for many reasons. First, the turkey is considered to be a traditional American bird, and it is large enough to feed an entire family for dinner. People also say that turkey is not used for other purposes like chickens or other farm animals. Today, on Thanksgiving, families get together on a dinner reunion. Christians also visit churches and pray to give thanks to God for their blessings. People also play football, which is a very famous sport on Thanksgiving.

In a nutshell, Thanksgiving has been celebrated for a long time as a way to thank God for a successful harvest.People all around North America give thanks after their harvest. In the United States, people celebrate the holiday by getting together and having a family dinner.

By Fareeda Eraky