To the airport I go

And out that window the land I seek

The temperature outside was so low

The airplane’s fuel tank started to leak

The ground beneath us shook

And the violent wind blew

Outside we took a look

And there the old hag flew

There a new tornado came

It swallowed the people

And it gained so much fame

The glass shattered

The children screamed

The women wept

And the men panicked

The passengers prayed

And the mothers put their children to sleep

Trying to let them avoid tragedy

But it was such a reality

No one can possibly run away from

Gunshots were fired

Horrific Murder

A river of blood

A battlefield of bones

Children becoming orphans

Parents becoming children less

Siblings becoming only-children

Heartache after heartache

We decide to leave our hearts behind

No place for kindness

No place for goodness

No place for humanity

Because lately there hasn’t been any

We hear children going to sleep hungry

Nothing there to eat

And if they were lucky

Sanitary water was found

Found for them to drink

Found for them to shower

Found for them to stay alive

We see black smoke invading the air we breathe

We see the fire in the reflection of our sorrow eyes

We hear people screaming for their lives

Buildings on fire

We call for help

The line’s busy

We try again

And they tell us they’re on their way…

Two hours later

After all the screams turned to weeps which eventually turned to silence

After the burning building turned to ashes

And after the black smoke turned into a beautiful clear midnight sky

They arrive…

They arrive after all those precious lives were lost

It’s their fault

Yet it’s also society we blame

We hear explosions

Even if they’re a million miles away

We hear them

We feel them

A small part of us…experiences the bombing

We see the news

We see the blood on the streets

We see the victims killed

And we see who society has to blame

Child abuse

A phrase we hear almost everyday

Yet we don’t react to it like we used to

So what…

“It’s just another child beaten up”


A word we hear almost everyday

Yet we don’t react to it like we used to

We blame the victim

We blame the victim for attracting attention

“It’s her fault for dressing that way…i mean…she saw it coming”


A choice we take when we no longer want to live

A choice we take when we feel vulnerable

It’s a choice

It’s a choice we decide upon

It’s a choice there’s no going back on

No second chances

No re-dos

It’s the end we decide to take for ourselves

We give up on life

And we end it by taking this decision


A word we believe money can buy


A word our whole world wants to be familiar with but can’t


A word which no longer takes place in our dictionary

World War III

A world war which still didn’t occur

Yet some small part of it is happening

Only we’re too brainwashed to realize it.

-Razan Mostafa