Often times, we discuss the importance of getting a full eight hours of sleep every single night. However, we disregard a topic that may be just as valuable, power naps, which can become especially useful in the dilemma most of us face daily, not getting enough sleep at night. Firstly, what exactly is a power nap? A power nap consists of one sleeping in a short interval of 5-20 minutes during the day. Nevertheless, the staggering benefits of a power nap are countless. There are different types of naps, each with their own benefits. A 20 minute nap, for instance, can help boost alertness. Nonetheless, do you find your naps exceeding 20 minutes? Don’t worry, for extended naps have their paybacks as well.  Naps between 30-60 minutes increase the ability of decision making, memorization, and can boost memory. Deeper, REM naps, usually 60-90 minutes, can aid in solving creative problems and making new connections in the brain. Moreover, naps in general can be helpful in the cases of sleep deprivation, which I’m sure most people can relate to after binge watching your favorite show at 4 am.

In conclusion, taking a nap can help you more than a cup of coffee would, since coffee can actually decrease your memory span. Furthermore, naps taken frequently can diminish stress in addition to prevent disease. For a perfect nap, a few steps can be completed to prevent the groggy aftermath of a nap. First of all, try to make it short. A good power nap should ideally be less than 30 minutes. In addition, make the room as dark as you can in order to obtain the deepest sleep possible. Finally, be consistent. In order to get the full long term benefits, you must take naps frequently and consistently, and if you can, take them at the same time daily. In conclusion, power naps have numerous remarkable benefits. Therefore, you should seriously re-evaluate your decision to take a power nap… unless you’re like me, and somehow power naps always turn into 5 hour naps.

By Jumana Mohamed