For this article, I’ve interviewed one of the heads of the Vegan Club, Youssef Hassan, to have a better understanding of this club and to see if this club is worth it for the students to put their  time and dedication towards this club.

Q: what is the vegan club?

A: the vegan club is essentially a support group of sorts. We aim to nurture the ideals of veganism in the schools, whilst extending our hand to aid any aspiring vegans or vegetarians as well as fasting christians. We meet every tuesday at Mrs. Morehouse’s room where we discuss veganism, and promote campaigns to increase the vegan food option at the school. We also occasionally have potlucks, where we bring vegan food to share with one another.

Q: is it difficult to be a vegan in Egypt?

A: not really, A lot of the traditional food is vegan friendly. Also, with the huge rise in meat prices, most people in this country live off a primarily vegan-esque diet. There are also plenty of substitutes to not vegan food, but they are primarily accessible by the richer people of society. Who are the demographic we are currently working with.

Q: why would a person change his diet to a vegan diet?

A: it’s the healthiest diet for humans. Spiritually, it causes the least harm to animals, whom are also living sentient beings, that are tortured and killed so us humans can eat. Also, it is the best diet for our environment. I view, that whilst it’s not a major change in the world, it helps. And every little thing helps. The world is made of a million lego pieces, and it’s only by removing the bad pieces one by one, that we get rid of them. I personally aim to be a force of good in all i do, and that has extended itself to the food i eat.

Q: is your club open to non-vegans or non-vegetarians? If so, what do they do?

A: yes, we are open to everyone. we currently have two members who aren’t vegan or vegetarian. They help us out, and aspire to learn more about veganism, whilst also getting health tips from us, and trying our food for our occasional pot locks.

Q: is there anything else you want to share about the vegan club?

A: only that we are militant. We believe that through open discussion and debate, that we will see the truth.

By Mohamed Orban, with the aid of Youssef Hassan.