8 Facts about Ancient Egypt!!!

  1. They did not ride camels
    1. The camels were not used until the dynastic age period, where most Egyptians at that time used donkeys and boats as means of transportation
  2. Not everyone was mummified
    1. The mummy is a defining Egyptian artefact. Yet mummification was time consuming and expensive process, that was usually reserved for the classes on the peak of the hierarchy. Most Egyptians were buried in simple pits in the desert
  3. The living shared food with the dead
    1. The tomb was designed as an eternal home for the mummified body and their spirit that lived beside it. Families and priests would tend to provide foods and offerings that the spirit required.
  4. Egyptian women had equal rights with men
    1. Men and women of the same social status were treated equally in the eye of the law. This meant that women could own, earn, buy, sell and inherit property. They could live unprotected by male guardians.
  5. Scribes rarely wrote in hieroglyphs
    1. Egypt’s scribes routinely used hieratic- a simplified or shorthand form of hieroglyphic writing.  Hieroglyphic writing required time and effort, and so was saved for the most important texts.
  6. The king of Egypt could be a women.
    1. Ideally the king of Egypt would be the son of the previous king, yet there were three occasions women took the throne, ruling in their own right as female kings and using the full king’s power. Going back to fact number 4 were men and women were equal!!
  7. Some Egyptian men married their sisters
    1. Some of Egypt’s kings married their sisters or half-sisters, along with the rest of the population.
  8. The Great Pyramid was not built by slaves
    1. Archaeological evidence indicates that the Great Pyramid was in fact built by a workforce of 5,000 permanent, salaried employees and 20,000 temp workers. Unlike the classical historian Herodotus which believed that the great Pyramid was built by 100,000 slaves.

By Omar Eleshmawi