Black Lives Matter


Most people think that the Black Lives Matter movement is trying to make black lives superior to other’s lives. Let’s start off by saying that all lives matter, no matter what ethnicity, religion, sexuality, or gender. The only thing that makes us different is how we treat each other and how we contribute to the world. The Black Lives Matter movement is a wake up call to society and an association against anti-Black discrimination that infects our world today. It is an involvement that does more than stop the killing of Black people by the police. This movement expands further than state violence and it targets how black people are intentionally left powerless because of stereotypes and how hateful society is to them. Their human rights and self-worth is basically getting taken away. Some examples are how black poverty and violence are a result of state violence, how 500,000 black men and women in the United States are undocumented immigrants, how 2.8 black people are locked in cells and cages get treated badly, and more.

The #BlackLivesMatter movement started in 2013 when people began to use the hashtag all over social media after the release of George Zimmerman after shooting African-American Trayvon Martin. Soon, “All Lives Matter” popped up after many misunderstood that the Black Lives Matter movement is to make black lives more important. “Blue Lives Matter” also sprang up after the shooting of two policemen in Ferguson. Most people don’t understand why the BlackLivesMatter movement is only targeting black lives only. There has been a long and bad history with black people especially in the United States. The hate and discrimination grows every single day for them. We learn to hate, if we can learn to stop hating then we’ll stop discriminating everyone, not only black people. There shouldn’t be any hate for someone because of their skin color, the pigment of our skin doesn’t identify who we really are.


By Mariam Omar