There it goes…

There it goes again…

Casting stones…

There it goes

Trying to bruise you scare you, somehow tear you down

There it goes again…

The voices, dark and cold

Casting stones

All the imperfections in intervention invading your space

And as you get older the voices get louder the road seems longer

and that spark that was once burning inside slowly fades away

those ice cold voices inside you manipulating  you

Writing it on stone

You’re not strong enough

You’re not pretty enough

You’re not good enough

And every action you take is a battle in your head

Trying to look past the limitations, expectations, turn the can’t into can

You tell yourself all that matters is you, nothing but you, just speak the truth

But the truth is reality is too harsh to face

The truth is your worst critic knows you best

It controls you, it eats you up

It casts its stones

A prisoner in your own mind, you’re trapped

A cold, pitch black room and it feels like hell

The stones turned into a mountain crushing your soul

For somehow being alive turned into merely existing

And you act okay but on the inside you scream so loud you almost suffocate

And you try so hard but you can’t escape

For your tormentor comes from within

And casts its stones

So you try to fake being okay

But truth is you can’t fill the vacancy with lies

You can’t turn the stones into gold

So instead, you resort to late night cries

Though the voices come at you like knives maybe you’re just wounded, not scarred

And maybe somewhere along the way, you’ll convince yourself you’re okay

-Jumana Mohamed