LeBron James and his Cleveland cavaliers have been on a staggering 3-game losing streak since their humiliating loss against the Milwaukee Bucks four days ago. the problem with the Cavs losing streak is that all of their losses were not just losses, they were straight blowouts with all of them being one-sided games for their opponents. In each game of the three, the cavaliers would get out hustled, out coached, and out-skilled. There is no excuse as to why the Cleveland cavaliers are treating these games as if they were not pivotal to their success and there is no excuse as to why the players were treating these games as if they were practice games and treating them as if the opponent is not worthy of their hustle. From JR Smith hugging Jason Terry in the middle of an out-of-bounds play, to LeBron literally jogging back during a fast-break, to Kyrie Irving not playing defense for almost a full game against Chris Paul and the Clippers, one could definitely presume that the Cavs might not reach the NBA finals this year. During the first game, the Cavs definitely went into it believing that they will get the easy win against the Bucks, but the bucks came at them strong and the Cavs payed the price for underestimating their opponent. During the second game, the Cavs did not learn from their mistakes as the Los Angeles Clippers hammered them and made a statement to them pointing out that it is not an easy road to the finals. In the third game, the Cavs basically got out hustled by the bulls. Tyronn Lue should definitely make the effort towards changing the Cavs’ mentality as they are playing every game thinking that they will win without putting any effort whatsoever. The Cavs are a talented and physical team, but they will not win anything if their mentality is not right.

By Mohamed Orban