It’s the end of the term and almost the end of the year, and a lot is happening at AIS. A lot of groups are hosting events; some Christmas themed among others. All clubs are hosting events for many reasons, whether it be fundraising or advertising. However, all events together help raise school spirit and create a friendly community. Here is a list of current events at AISE.

  1. ESMA Bake Sale

On Parent Teacher Conferences Day, ESMA will be hosting a bake sale to raise money for the pets’ shelter they visit monthly. If you wish to participate bake something for one hour of creativity or pass by and buy some baked goods!

  1. Christmas Grams

Starting next week, NHS will start accepting orders for their annual Christmas Grams event. Every year, people sign up to send Christmas themed baked goods to their friends or teachers. Watch out for more announcements in the HS bulletin about this event!

  1. Talent Show

It is finally time for the annual High School Talent Show!!  Hosted by the Student Council, this event will take place on January 18th and will include all the different talented students we have at AIS. Auditions will be on December 4th and 5th, so if you’re one of those talented people, here’s your chance!

  1. Clothes Bin Project

The Clothes Bin Project is another event currently going on in the AIS High School. The purpose of the project is to collect clothes for the less fortunate. Help this cause by donating in the bin next to the High School office.

  1. Environment Fair

The Environment Fair is another annual event aimed towards making our environment a better place. Students are volunteering for the Environment Fair, and it’s currently being organized. To support the fair, show up to the event or sign up as a volunteer.

  1. Movember

Movember is an event held during the month of November where people grow their mustaches to raise awareness for men’s health. In AIS, teachers grow mustaches and students vote for their favorite mustache. The money collected goes to support Prostate Cancer and Men’s health in general. November is almost over, but Movember is still going on, so vote for your favorite mustache to support men all around the world.


Fareeda Eraky