People wear jeans all the time, it’s one of the most commonly worn pieces of clothing worldwide. Jeans are comfortable and match with many clothing items. Jacob Davis was the person who invented jeans. During the 1800s in the American West, there were miners working in a gold mine. These miners kept wearing out their pants, therefore, Davis went and bought tent cloth (cloth used to make tents) from Levi Strauss’s company. He then used that to make pants and they became known as jeans. Because the cloth was strong, the jeans didn’t wear out as fast as the pants the miners used to have . The great thing about jeans is that, you can wear jeans with any color you want, with any shoes you want, and that makes them very appealing for people. Black and white are commonly worn colors. Black, especially works with any other color you have (most of the time). Most  jeans are very tight and uncomfortable, but look good, however, there are a few that are wide and comfortable,but, don’t look that good. Jeans aren’t always just pants, they come in many different cloth items. There are dresses, skirts, overalls, shorts, jackets, hats, shoes, and, obviously, pants. There are even many different varieties of pants. Like I mentioned before, you can get wide, tight, or medium-sized pants. You can also get the ones that are tight all throughout, tight at the top and wide at the bottom, or just wide throughout. The more commonly known jeans now are ripped jeans. I personally don’t like ripped jeans because I don’t like wearing ripped clothes, however, most people love ripped jeans and can wear them with just about anything.

Fisson Tibbo