A word
A word most people are afraid of labeling themselves as
It’s a word which society is ashamed of
They are so caught up with the false interpretations
This word has lost its true meaning
Behind those majestic crashes there will be gentle waves

Because you’re a girl

Mama can I play sports
Because you’re a girl
Girls don’t do these kinds of things

3ashan enty bent

Mama momken 2abeyet 3and sa7bety
La2 3ashan enty bent

Mama momken asafer lewa7dy
La2 el banat mish beysafro lewa7dohom

El banat beya3melo eh tayeb?
El banat beyet3alemo Ezay yekoono set beit kowayesa
Ezay yekoono 2omahat w zowgat shatreen
Mafeesh Bas..esmaha 7ader!

Baba..mama..Ana 5alas karart
Ana 3awza akoon tayara lama akbar
Tayara?!..tayara meen isa
Dah sho3’l welad
Wenty bent

Too many fears
Too many falls
Too many desires I cannot possibly make..possible
Too many hopes..which will never become realities
Too many regrets
Too many lies
Too many liars

Without you..without me…there will be no future generations
There will be no life
So how could you say that we are nothing alike
Yes we are different
But actually not at all
You see we were both created by one
We were both created for one reason
And most of all we will both be gone sometime
Sometime we will explode letting our pixie dust fly around into oblivion
That’s how it ends

By Razan Mostafa