Nur had been hurt, and she couldn’t resist the pain. She had been short on the rent. She had become a prostitute. Sexual intercourse was her way out of her emotional depression, and it was a distraction so she could forget about all the love she had missed out on. She was known in the area as an impure prostitute. She was not a virgin anymore, so she would never be wanted for marriage due to her dirty past and impure body. She had pondered, and come to the conclusion that she was going to leave all the hurt. I will go to a new place, new life, and start over again. Escaping has become my destiny. It wouldn’t matter anymore; it isn’t like it is the first time. 

Nur moved to a city called Aswan where the Nile subsided. There, she caught a glimpse of a tourist from the United Arab Emirates named Rashid. He was tall, yet not exceeding the height of a tree. His hair flickered as waves of wind blew on every individual strand of his hair. His eyebrows were thickly dense with specks of hair. His eyes were brown and honey-like. His narrow nose was aquiline-like. His cheeks were apple red because of the weather, and his cheek bones highlighted his bronze skin. His cupid lips were moist. His chin was petite and sympathique. His shoulders were squared, showing his masculine physique. His biceps were bulging and veins popped out. The most noticeable of his traits was his wavy collar bones. His stomach was sucked in. His hips were rectangular and his legs were muscular. His body was so attractive that Nur wanted to approach him, but before she could, he had already reached her.

“Hi,” Rashid said in a hushed volume.

“Hey,” Nur replied, excited to know the rest of the conversation as she looked at his tight pectorals, visible through his white V-necked shirt.

“May I ask where I can find the best museums,” he asked with a sophisticated air.   

“Oh, of course, I also just came here to Aswan. I heard about a museum named the Nubian Museum,” Nur stated enthusiastically, as if seconds away from drooling on him.

“Really? Would you please tell me the way?” he said coughing as his eyebrows wrinkled and rose upwards.

“Oh, I’m going there now! Would you like to escort me?” she asked, smiling, as her hair curled around her slightly bent fingers.

“Of course,” he said, comprehending her lip biting and body language with a simple smile.

Now, Nur had begun a new life. Far away, she was from Said, though memories of him lingered. Rashid was an intelligent and open-minded man. After Nur and Rashid met on the streets of Aswan, they exchanged phone numbers, and destiny brought them together again. As time passed by, they gradually became close partners. Though Nur felt as if she never gave Rashid the love that he deserved or the love she had given to Said, she never thought about going back to the life she had at first. This was her destiny and she had accepted it with complete fulfillment.

By Rozaline Beshay