Let’s be honest, at one point in most people’s life, there comes a time when there is a compulsory piece to be written that the brain seems to be simply incapable of writing. As you stare at the blank screen ahead of you, it stares back sardonically. Decisively, that is my current situation; an article due in a few hours but instead I sit here with nothing but an empty brain staring at an empty page. The first attempt at fixing this issue is undoubtedly taking refuge in Google.  According to writer’s digest, there are 7 steps to eliminate the infuriating circumstance known as writer’s block.  Naturally, as a writer suffering from the syndrome, I put a few of them to the test.

        The first step is to step away from the tormenting task and do anything that’s creative. For most procrastinators, it is a great excuse to avoid doing work. Nevertheless, It does occasionally work to refresh one’s mood, although is not the most effective in desperate cases. The next step is to do free writing, which may seem quite bizarre considering the present situation. However, according to the article, it gives access into the brain and allows the ideas to start flowing.  Some of the other tips make sense, such as moving your body and eliminating distractions. Nonetheless, the rest of them are ineffective in a case where time is a limited factor, such as writing in the early morning or writing while you go to sleep. They are inefficient in circumstances that require immediate action. Furthermore, writing while you sleep would be a total hopeless case for those who fall asleep instantly.

        The most surprising treatment, known as the Glass of water technique, claims to be the definite, foolproof solution.  The procedure requires filling a glass of water before going to bed. Then, speak your intentions or goals into the water and drink half of it. The next morning, follow up with drinking the other half and directly start writing. The method claims to work every time. I would have tried the method were it not for time constraints. However, after a while of moving around and thinking, I was finally able to come up with not one, but numerous ideas and topics, which I guess will just need to be saved for next time.

By Jumana Mohamed