Month: March 2017



After much procrastination, and/or deciding that someone else’s plans or experiences is a solid plan B, a safety net of sorts, and probably an easy out, a rather bitter reality many of us chose not to foresee jumped up and slapped many of us square in the face on Monday, February 13 at the University..

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Wavves is an American alt-rock/indie band based in San Diego, California. Nathan Williams, a songwriter, started the band on his own in 2008 when he was 21 years old. He quit his job and started writing and recording music using an old cassette recorder, and these same recordings became Wavves’ first two albums. Wavves is..

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To IB or Not to IB


At this time of the year students all around the world are making the decision of whether or not to do IB. IB, or International Baccalaureate, is an educational foundation founded in 1968. The headquarters of the organization are in Geneva, Switzerland, but the program is offered in schools all around the world. Students can..

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..The Café…

fountain pen on text sheet paper with rose close-up

On May 27, 2016,  the first installment of … The Café … took place at Kotob Khan, a bookstore/café in Maadi. Less than a year later, on January 20, 2017, the second installment of … The Café … will be taking place at Prosperos, a restaurant in Maadi. Considering the fact that it was the..

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The Reality behind Chemotherapy


Who knew one of the most important medicines could arise from a deadly weapon? Chemotherapy is known as the treatment of cancer using medicine or drugs. It can kill the majority of cancer cells that have spread throughout the body. It works by keeping cancer cells from growing and dividing. Surgery and radiation therapy kill..

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