Although valentine’s day is still almost two weeks away, many are already beginning to feel the dread of being dateless on the worldwide day of love. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t let that get you down, for you only need to love yourself, and of course treat your fabulous self with these 11 mouth watering treats

1.) Garlic Everything


Have you been craving some garlic bread or maybe even garlic pizza? well no need to worry, tonight is your night. After all, there’s no one to impress and definitely no one to kiss.

2.) All the chocolate in the world  


Who said you have to wait for anyone to get you chocolate on valentine’s day, just go get yourself some chocolate. In fact, you can buy as much as you want and eat it all in 2 seconds and no one can judge you

3.) Ice cream 04-traits-ice-cream-chocolate

After all, it isn’t a true pity party without a tub of ice cream. Plus, who else will keep you company while watching Netflix

4.) Pizza  


Honestly, no matter what the event is, pizza is just always a go to.

5.) Candy


Take a trip down memory lane. Be a kid again. Why not go back to the days when valentine’s day was all about asking your crush if he wants sit with you at recess.

6.) A huge bowl of pasta or mac and cheese


Nothing else screams comfort food more than carbs.

7.)Rice crackers


Because they’ll be plain and empty just like your soul

8.) Fondue


Fondue.. because you really got to be fond of you..

9.) Donuts


Donut worry, be happy, and donuts are pretty much the exact same thing as happiness in a box

10.) French fries  


A wise man once said “bad days are best forgotten over french fries”

11.) Salad


Maybe try being healthy for once. After all, the best way to truly treat yourself is to be good to your body, to feel good and to look without trying to impress anyone.


And if all else fails, how about just go make a reservation for one at a fancy restaurant?  You don’t need anyone, spend your own money on yourself, for at the end of the day, you have all that extra money you didn’t use to buy valentine’s day gifts.

By Jumana Mohamed