Sisyphus metaphor. Man rolling huge concrete ball up hill. Sisyphean work, task.

I learned to always be on good conditions with family and friends because no one knows what the future holds.
-Always treat your loved ones as though it’s your last time with them.

I learned to always take every opportunity that comes my way because I do not know what the future holds.
-Opportunities are tides which come and go.

I learned to always snap my friends back because if I do not, then I will lose our streak.
-Snapchat Streaks are faster than the blink of the eye.

I learned to stop being a pushover because rather than letting people take advantage of my kindness, I’ll put myself first.
-Being a pushover is the same as having strings attached to a puppet.

I learned to never give up on something because I will get it right sometime, somehow.
-Perseverance is the key to success.

I learned to never leave things or tasks till the last minute because it will only stress me out even more than I already am.
-Procrastination is like a thief who stole my time and life away breath by breath.

I learned to relax a little more often because if i don’t, then my anxiety only gets worse.
-Anxiety is the monster underneath my bed that keeps me awake at night.

I learned to live in the moment now rather than plan the future ahead because in order to get to my future, I have to witness the present.
-Life is one infinite road where you farewell your past, walk beside your present making your way to the future of whatever may await you.

I learned to always make time for those you often prioritize me before themselves because a friendship/relationship only succeeds if both ends work.
-Relationships are like walking legs/feet, if one stops, you go no where.

I learned to always show love to those who may not seem to recognize it because our world today is mostly filled with hate, therefore we must remind them of what is used to be and could be like once again.
-Love is a safe haven for humans who desire to live, on the other hand, hate is the devil who breaks everything and everyone apart causing only death and tragedy.

I learned to always check the weather before I go out because climate change is real.
-The weather is like a crazy fever that doesn’t settle for one degree on the thermometer.

I learned to always do my best because whatever I cannot perfect now, I eventually will later on.
-Doing your best is like planting a crop, if it doesn’t work out, maybe it just wasn’t the right season for it.

I learned to put myself first sometimes, because everyone needs time to think about their own self and life.
-Sometimes putting yourself first is finally putting on your oxygen mask during your own surgery.

I learned to always stay positive because negativity ruins everything.
-Positivity is a drug that helps you recognize the beauty of life.

I learned to always get a good laugh out of anything even if it was about me because I’m here for the good time.
-Laughter is medicine you’ll never need a prescription to take.

I learned to not always be so picky because it’s sometimes not worth the fuss.
-Pickiness is the thin lines on my forehead.


By Razan Mostafa