There are two sides to every story and it is not often that we get an inside look on the

perspective of those we consider ‘villains’. Villains are the figures in stories we consider to be

vile, resent and even wish death upon. In most cases, the villain can be related to. To get my

point across, here is an excerpt I wrote in place of Regina George from mean girls. I considered

all the factors in her life and carefully put myself in her polished place. Take a look:


It’s not my fault they’re all in love with me or something! Kady was so lucky to have

been in the Plastics, a group I so graciously let her join when no one else wanted to sit by her.

Ahhhhhh. Not only did she steal my boyfriend but she turned my best friends against me. I can’t

believe I trusted her. Dammit, I trusted that bi#$h. Not only did Karen and Gretchen ditch me for

her but none of my cloths fit. I woke up today and none of my jeans would button close, I could

just about squeeze into a wide pair of sweatpants. I’m hideous, no wonder my dad left.

And my mom, where to even begin. An alcoholic, that’s what she is. An alcoholic that

cannot take care of children. I mean just look at Kylie, she’s twerking and she hasn’t even hit

puberty yet. This is ridiculous. Ugh. Kady better not take my prom crown. She won’t. I hope so.

I don’t even know anymore. All I know is that this crown will be the one thing to reassure me

that I am still beautiful. I’m beautiful. No matter what anyone thinks. I’m Regina George. Yeah.


As you can see, Regina is only mean and hard on everyone because she is just as mean

and as hard on herself. She is insecure, vulnerable with an unsteady home situation. In the end,

you feel sympathy towards them if anything. So please, consider this next time you make an

assumption about someone. You do not know their life, family status, background or history, so

before you are fast in your judgment take a moment and consider the fact that you do not know

anything about them.

By Salma Abdelsalam