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On Saturday, January 21st AIS hosted over 340 orphans from 10 NGOs around Cairo for a day of fun, joy, and relief which was sponsored by Microsoft. The day started off at 8:30 AM, where more than 100 volunteers showed up at the school gates to help make this a special day for the orphans. There were multiple stations with a variety of activities available for the children to participate in and enjoy. As time passed buses showed up at school gates containing orphans with smiles and excitement projected on their innocent faces. Each orphanage was then guided to a few volunteers as they were in charge of guiding and helping that group out for the entire day, while other volunteers were in charge of booths and activities.

Entertaining music was being played in the background while kids ran around and played different sports and activities throughout the day. Halfway through the day the orphans were then taken as a group for lunch served by the event. After lunch most of the kids continued to play and have fun with their friends. They sang, danced, and ran for six hours straight without getting tired, indicating the amount of happiness and joy they possessed.

A small group of kids was taken to the technology center where a representative of Microsoft did the “Hour of Code” program for them right after lunch. They learned the basics of computational thinking and it was obvious that they both had fun and benefitted from it.

To finish the day off the orphans were taken to the auditorium to enjoy some music and watch different acts. Gifts were handed out to the orphans by the end of the day, the contained coloring books and pencils for them to enjoy when they return. The volunteers were tired yet happy as they positively served their community and influenced the lives of those orphans, wishing for them to become something great. The One Family Fun Day was yet again a successful and enjoyable day.

By Mahmoud Kaddah