Within Cairo’s diverse and multicultural land exists a variety of tasty restaurants for people to choose from. That said, I present to you the top 3 places to eat at in Cairo and why:

  1. Mori Sushi: You would not regret this choice for it is one of the best if not the best Asian restaurant in Cairo, especially if you are a sushi fan. Although it is widely known to be pricey (especially with the current unstable dollar rate), it still boasts a select menu that ANY asian food lover can choose from, ranging from appetizers, special platters, a grilled menu, and much more!  One of the many great things about Mori Sushi is that you are always treated perfectly at any of their branches; they serve your food quickly and they always manage to maintain perfect quality control, regardless if it’s crowded or empty. Nonetheless, Mori Sushi should definitely be on your list of restaurants to go to in Cairo.   
  1.   Lord of the wings: As stated in the name, Lord of the Wings is the best restaurant for wings and chicken in Cairo, with many branches opening soon. With a “Sauceology Index” that contains up to 16 unique sauces to choose from, it always meets people’s expectations. It doesn’t disappoint when it comes to quality control and customer service, which adds up to an overall pleasant dining experience that no one can ignore. Don’t like wings? Not a problem! The restaurant has many other menus to choose from, such as those offering burgers, sandwiches, and flatbreads. What if you’re on a diet? That isn’t an issue because Lord of the wings has a salad menu for any low calorie lover to enjoy.
  1.   Tamara: If you’re not a fan of sushi and wings, that isn’t a problem because Tamara brings us back to our Arabian roots by providing a delicious Lebanese cuisine in the heart of Cairo. With the same owner as Mori Sushi, Tamara is the Lebanese bistro that has many delicious menu options such as hummus, kanafeh, and manakish for any Lebanese food lover to enjoy. As well as that, Tamara has many menu options for people that don’t even like Lebanese food!

Cairo has an increasing variety of restaurants to choose from. Whether you like wings, burgers, sushi, or Arabian food it’s never a problem because there will always be an options for you to choose from.

By Jad Abbas