Weekends are very important for all students. They are crucial especially for those who have had many tests and lots of work. Weekends are the most exciting days of the week. Students are overwhelmed with all the work they are given during the week, so they look forward to weekends. They are a time for rest and relaxation from the stresses of school life.

There are four types of students during the weekends. The first is the “work 24/7 ” type. These students are the type that never like to waste time. They are overloaded with work constantly, so they never really get to enjoy a weekend. All they do during their weekend is work, work, and work some more. On those rare days where they don’t have work, they’ll even start preparing themselves for upcoming lessons.  

The second is the “very energetic” type. These students basically spend their weekends out of their houses. They visit family members, go out with friends, or simply spend a memorable time with their loved ones. Others go to the gym to get a good workout or do some chores. Those students are usually spending time doing an activity out of their houses.

The third is the “chill out” type. They are the students who decide to enjoy their weekends to the fullest. They’re up for it, even if it means not doing their homework. They basically spend their entire weekend snuggled up in bed. Their two most important things are food and wifi. They spend time stalking celebrities, watching t.v series or movies, and eating junk food.  

The last is the “balanced out” type. These students are up for it all. They go out with their friends and have a great time. They do enjoy their weekends, but get their work done. They try to do as much as they can during the weekend. Some might even carefully plan out their time. For instance; take a shower, get some work finished, do some chores, and then go out.

All students spend their weekends differently. They have different opinions on how to spend their time. Some students like to use their time in the best way possible (educationally), while others like to enjoy it before it’s over. All that matters at the end, is that students enjoy their weekends, and do have at least a little bit of free time to chill and relax.

By Rozaline Beshay