When I think about exercise,
I’m inspired to join a gym,
Then after taking a short rest,
That feeling from me seems to fade.

When looking into the mirror,
To exercise I should make a start,
But thinking about the way it looks,
It will need a lot of time.

My teenagers need to exercise,
Run at least a mile each day,
Then at the end of two weeks,
They’d be fourteen miles away!

An aerobics class may be fun,
dancing to music, properly trained,
But I heard reports of those classes,
How often an ankle is sprained.

Having seen others at the gym,
How they moan, shout, and cry,
Agony written over their faces,
Leaves me free from any desire.

I’m happy for others to exercise,
So long as it doesn’t include me,
I’d rather relax with my feet up,
While watching sports on TV.

By Omar Eleshmawi