Playful Bulldog pup, 8 weeks old, in play-bow

Many of us had had experiences with pets, either during childhood or currently, and no one can deny that pets are extremely fun and cute to have around the house. Nevertheless, they also include several beneficial factors. Firstly, they can teach responsibility, especially for children. Having a living creature’s life in your hands, depending on whether you neglect it or nourish it, doubtlessly nourishes one’s own sense of responsibility. You will have to always remain careful and committed to your pet, which will increase responsibility. Furthermore, pets can help you manage time. Between feeding your pet, taking it out, and managing your own life, time management will inevitably improve over the years. You will learn to create a parallel between your pet’s’ needs and your own. You will have to manage your schedule to properly provide for your pet.

Some of the benefits of owning a pet can also include better health, both mentally and physically. Especially if you own a dog, taking it out for walks, runs, or other cardio activities are fun ways of exercising and improving aspects of health, such heart strength. Additionally, a study conducted has shown that kids who have dogs in their early life have higher immune responses. They can also improve mental health, for they will definitely make you happier. Pets can decrease stress, anxiety, and even depression. Another study has further proved that children with pets have higher rates of confidence and self esteem.

In addition to all the scientific aspects, pets are just generally a blessing to have. They are really good cuddling partners. You can also experiment with your early development in fashion interest on them, through various styles of pet clothes. Moreover, they can always be used as pillows, and they will always join you in fun adventures. Lastly, they will be there for you to comfort you when needed.

By Jumana Mohamed