1. The commercialization- Valentine’s Day used to be about showing your love towards someone by celebrating it, but now people don’t think it isn’t Valentine’s Day unless someone buys you a dozen flowers or a box of chocolate. It is no more about professing your love by celebrating, it is more about seeing who is the better boyfriend/girlfriend by buying horrible chocolates or decaying flowers.
  2. Everything is red- wherever you go there are red ornaments. The floor is red, the balloons are red, flowers are red, shirts are red, phones are red, everything is red. Blue is the color of love. It represents trust, loyalty, wisdom, intelligence, faith, technically everything related to love.
  3. The tacky gifts- it is lovely to get a teddy bear as a gift, but what is weird is walking around the street hugging a big teddy bear bleating “i wuv you” to strangers.
  4. The fakers- the people who act like they don’t care or like Valentine’s Day until the day comes, and they gush to their friends about how many wonderful gifts they got from people you didn’t even know they were dating.
  5. The DRAMA- Valentine’s day is the day to listen to people who feel lonely because they don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend. We listen to their pathetic blabbering about how depressing it is not having someone. It is a day used as an excuse to talk about their pathetic lives.
  6. The haters- those people who don’t have a date or anything else to do, but to mock people or pick on couples. We all know they just want some love in their lives.
  7. The single people- we all know you’re single for a reason; you either don’t want a commitment and you’re happy no one has broken your heart or no one is interested in you, so you just continue living your life.
  8. “I FORGOT” excuse- many boys use this excuse to get out and celebrate V-day, We all know you didn’t forget because there are a lot of red decorations surrounding you. Those kinds of boys are just awful people who don’t deserve anyone.
  9. The television- in every channel there is a movie about love and drama and everything related to V-day, there are no good movies to watch.
  10. The question- everyone comes and asks you “the question”, are you single or not? If you answer yes then everyone feels bad, but it doesn’t matter if you’re single that day. Many people are way happier being single than in a relationship.

By Camila Labrosse