1. Teachers Should Coordinate Due Dates

What do I mean by that? Okay, so, as a High School student, I either have 20 assignments due in one day or absolutely nothing. Then, I am told to manage my time. How is that even possible? As a solution to this, teachers should try to coordinate their assignments. For example, major assignments such as tests, projects, or essays should be spread out so that we have one major assignment for one class per week. That way, we can work on it for a reasonable amount of time without having to pull all-nighters (and without having mental breakdowns). That way, the quality of the assignment would be better.


  1. Bring Back the IB Curve for the Poor Class of 2019, and the classes after…

So what is the IB curve? For IB students, an A starts from an 85%, not a 90%, like it does in American Diploma, which is completely reasonable since the IB program is about 50,000 times harder. Whether you are in the program or not, you have an idea of how impossible it is. With the 5% curve, the current IB students are having a difficult time. We asked some AIS graduates and current IB students about the course and they recommended taking it and said that it was doable, but when we told them about the curve being removed, they completely freaked out. So, unless the curve somehow comes back, good luck to the future IB students.


  1. Stop putting Kindergarten Chairs in High School Classrooms

Okay, so, this doesn’t sound like that big of an issue, but students are sitting for at least 5 hours a day, so if the chairs are not going to be extremely comfortable, please make them the right size. At school, we are usually stressed out and in a bad mood, so walking into class and finding a chair that reaches way below your knees can be pretty annoying. For tall students, it is impossible to sit on and for shorter students it just makes them look shorter, which they do not appreciate. So maybe we should keep the baby chairs for the baby students.


  1. Cancel Late Slips

When a student is late in the morning, they need to go to the office, get a late slip then go to class. Other than being extremely useless, going to get that pass can make a student who was 6 minutes late end up being you 20 minutes late, especially if you have PE or Band or any class that’s not close to the High School office. Not to mention that getting the pass wouldn’t excuse you from your tardy anyway, unless you come by bus, which you can just tell you teacher. Canceling that pass would just save us the wasted time and energy.


  1. Pay/Fundraise for Sports Trips or Uniforms

When sports teams travel or play games, they are representing our school and playing with our name. Having them pay to do that is not the most convenient thing. Like some schools do, our school should host bake sales or other fundraising events to help pay for sports events.

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By Fareeda Eraky