Every once in awhile, a completely bizarre conspiracy theory surfaces out of nowhere, and the topics range through an exceedingly wide spectrum. Therefore, I have gathered a few of some of the weirdest, spookiest, and craziest conspiracy theories out there.


1.) The Titanic

According to some theories (beware these are theories, not facts), the titanic sinking was planned. Accordingly, the theory states that the ship that sunk was actually an identical copy, known as the Olympic. Apparently, the ship was already damaged and the owners staged a sinking for insurance money.


2.) Hitler is Still Alive

Although the theory that Hitler remains alive in South America has existed since the 1970’s, new theories are beginning to develop that the still-living German dictator is responsible for several of the world’s disasters. Some speculate that he was behind 9/11 while others say that he was behind the oil spill in 2010, since it happened on his birthday.


3.) The Moon is Nonexistent

Supposedly, the moon does not exist and is just a hologram placed there by unidentified organism. Enough said.


4.) Louis Tomlinson’s Baby was an Act

Larry (Louis and Harry Styles) shippers all over the world still strive to prove the relationship, even after Louis was revealed as a father. Therefore, fans constructed a theory that the baby is fake. They believe he was just a publicity stunt pulled off by management in order to hide his relationship with Harry.


5.) Willy Wonka is a Murderer

Some believe that Willy Wonka is not all that friendly, but rather a serial killer. Accordingly, the plot in the movie is a sugar coated version of the true reality, which consists of him murdering each child, one by one.


6.) Tap Water is a Trap Set by the Government

Apparently, the fluoride found in tap water is a tactic planted by the government to make humans more obedient and easily controlled and brainwashed. There are several other similar theories, because the government supposedly is just one gigantic conspiracy theory and is behind everything.

By Jumana Mohamed