The third annual food fair was last week Saturday. There were people from all over the world coming together for one purpose; to raise money for African Hope School. We were one of the families serving the food. We were doing Ethiopian food. The food fair lasted from 11 AM until 3 PM. The countries that provided food were Russia, Korea, China, Germany, America, Ethiopia, South Africa, Syria and Sudan. There were also some gift bags that people could bid on. If your number gets called out you get the gift basket. The tickets for the gift baskets were twenty five pounds, so that raised money as well.

At our table we served Engera, meet stew, bean sauce and vegetables. We also served traditional coffee with popcorn. Many people were attracted towards the coffee and had seconds. The other tables had food and not drinks, so that might have attracted them to our table. Everyone went around and got food from all around. There was one ticket seller that made free shapes with balloons for kids. She made everyone excited and had such a bubbly attitude. She made people feel comfortable.

There were singers, dancers and family bands. There were student dancers that came from African Hope and choreographed the moves all by themselves and performed in the fair. There were lion dancers that entertained everyone. There was a family from Spain that played instruments and sang songs in Spanish. There were Chinese ribbon dancers that looked to be from ages seven to ten. There was a couple that played instruments and sang two songs. There was also a Native Indian woman who played their traditional flute. Everyone presenting the food wore their traditional attire which made it even more attractive. There was a small playground for kids, so they were entertained as well. Many people enjoyed the fact that they were able to try new food and help the school. There is something beautiful about being a part of something greater than ourselves.


By Fisson Tibbo