AIS MUN this year was probably one of the most eventful, entertaining conferences held throughout AIS history. Not only were the topics debated challenging and diverse but so were the new icebreaking events held for this conference. The entire group of students involved in creating one of the more memorable conferences departed on Saturday (the second day of MUN) from school to a boat where dinner was served.

MUN is hosted yearly, twice a year. There is both a main conference and mini conference students can attend. The mini conference is held within the school during the start of the academic year and held over the course of two days. Delegates can debate, challenge and get a taste of what Model United Nations is really like and gives them the choice of whether or not to commit to the main conference which is held at a much higher scale.

The main conference is held during spring and is acted out over a course of four days, two of which are in a hotel where the event is taken much more seriously and the forums run more professionally. This year, our guest speakers included Amira Hussein, Dahlia Abdel Fattah, Nemat Guenena as well as a former AIS student who once attended these conferences 10 years ago, Seif Fawzy. These people only added to the overall effect of the event and made everything more interesting.

As this MUN conference did not host as many as intended, two of the forums were cancelled which were Advisory Panel and General Assembly, those with the least delegates. The forums in session were Security Council, Human Rights Committee, Disarmament, ECOSOC and ICJ.

ByĀ Salma Abdelsalam