Bullying is the act of being abused mentally, verbally, or physically by a parent, a teacher, a fellow student, or any other functioning member of society. Bullying has recently spiked in our society, making its most drastic increase in high schools throughout the world. These relentless attacks on people can range from simple negative comments that can bring down one’s self esteem to vicious assaults that can severely leave a person broken. Aside from isolated incidents that have occurred on our campus, we are among the lucky few who support a united community within AIS.

However, in order to minimize and completely eliminate bullying from our campus, the Student Council has set up an Anti-Bullying Campaign in the hopes to achieve peace between individuals. This Anti- Bullying Campaign consists of showing anti-bullying videos to the student body during the monthly assemblies in order to get the message across. They also report acts of bullying to Mr. Tony in the counseling office and try to help these people out however they can.

Last October, the Student Council put out a box where people who could anonymously report bullying they have previously been involved in, witnessed, or even acted out themselves. These notes were then read in front of the student body where a shocked audience heard the feelings of those who have been bullied and even the side of the bully. This helped to really open the eyes of the people and give a chance for those who are ignored to be heard, as well as give those who have had no experience with bullies to be a part in the solution and help out those who need it.

So please, if you see someone who is being bullied and can’t defend themselves, help them! Report incidents you’ve seen to the counseling office or members of the Student Council. Talk to these individuals themselves and offer them support! This Anti- Bullying Campaign can only be successful with your help. Don’t be a bystander.

By: Salma Abdelsalam