The title does not lie. We’re approaching finals week fast and with the ministry exams right around the corner, almost everyone has their head in a book and deep circles under their eyes. I get it, this one piece of paper completed in a mere one or two hours will be the final say on your semester grade which will affect your career path later on in life. But worrying never helped anyone. The best thing to do before the finals is to relax. You might be wondering; relax? How? Well, that is exactly the question I am going to address right now.

  1. Exercise.

Okay, I know you might be wondering; exercise? How is that supposed to help me? Think about it. When you are stressed, you have a lot of extra energy building up inside of you and distracting you from studying. Once you find yourself feeling like that, take a break and go on a run, hit the gym or do anything to release that extra energy pent up inside you.

  1. Eat nutritious fruits and vegetables.

Personally, when I am studying and eat a lot of food that I know is not good for me such as chocolate, I feel sleepy and slack off. By eating fruit filled with juice and nutrients such as strawberries, oranges and even bananas keeps you more awake and alert.

  1. Catch some ZZZ’s.

This is simple. If you feel tired then you aren’t getting a lot of sleep. If getting a full 8 hours a night isn’t an option for you, then taking a quick nap after school will not only make you feel more rested but will make you more alert when you wake up. It will also give a chance for your brain to rest so it isn’t school, work, school.

  1. Take a break.

It is recommended for a person studying to take a 10 minute break every 30 minutes they study. It doesn’t have to be very long. Taking a short walk, checking your phone, making a snack or even going to the bathroom will prepare you for another study session so it won’t feel as if it’s all piling on.

  1. Just breathe.

This one may seem obvious enough but not many people do it. Before an exam, just take a deep breath and calm down. If you have been paying attention and understanding in class, that is already up to 60 percent of the information you have in your head. You can do it. Just breathe and hit the books.


By Salma Abdelsalam