Trapped between four walls I must address
I loath this feeling, this loneliness

I walk around hundreds of people, yet I still feel alone
Even when I finally arrive back home

It’s like isolation in a pitch black room
You don’t know if you’re dead, you don’t know what to do

Slowly and slowly, piece by piece
I feel like I’m losing a part of me
As if I was just going to randomly disappear

I always get asked why I am always sad
I can never answer; I just smile, nod, and laugh

They don’t know how I feel, they never will either
They ask me if it’s home or school, I just say neither

I always get looked at because I’m alone
They can see right through me, the reason unknown

I’ve finally come to ask myself is it even worth fighting anymore?
Fighting against this shadow I can’t last anymore

I thought there was hope through something else
But I can’t continue living with myself

One day I made the decision and it was all mine

I chose to finally give in this time.

By Jad H. Abbas