Although holiday season is long gone, it is never to early to start preparing for next year. Plus, birthdays are all year round. In case there is some special occasion coming up, here are some ideas for gifts you should not even consider buying:


  • A book on how to lose weight: you might think you’re trying to help out, but all they’ll see is you telling them, “you’re fat”
  • Exercise equipment: Unless you know the person very well and know that they are obsessed with working out and would be thrilled with the gift, don’t buy it. First of all, they may take it as an insult and second, it will probably end up as junk in their basement
  • A hitler doll: yes, it does exist, and no, your aunt won’t be happy you gave her son an insane dictator figurine for his birthday
  • Children tasers: because it’s such an amazing idea to give weapons to kids.
  • A blood pressure monitor: it may seem like a necessity for some people, but it’s really not a fun gift to receive, especially if it’s an old person. You might as well just buy them a coffin
  • Pets: no one likes to receive a random load of responsibilities out of the blue – unless you specifically know they want one, avoid putting them in an awkward situation with a creature they have to take care of
  • Your old stuff: no. not an option. Under no circumstances does anyone want your recycled garbage
  • A calendar of last year: self explanatory
  • A CD: the only thing they would be useful for nowadays is that so they can see the reflection of their disappointed face
  • Cash: only applies to adults. Kids love it, but with grown ups it’s just weird
  • Wrinkle or pimple cream: because why not just write a card that says: your imperfections are obvious to everyone you should fix yourself
  • Toilet paper: if its a chore for them to buy it, they probably don’t want it

By Jumana Mohamed