The founder of Hermès is Thierry Hermès who was born in Germany to a French father and a German mother. In 1837, when Thierry was 36, he first established Hermès as a harness workshop in Paris to serve European noblemen. He was well-known for his high-quality wrought harnesses and bridles for the carriage trade. He won several awards for creating horse carriage equipment’s and accessories.

Hermès’s son, Charles-Émile Hermès took over management from his father and with the help of his sons Adolphe and Émile-Maurice, he started selling his products retail. Émile-Maurice began to produce saddles for the czar of Russia. In 1918, Hermès introduced the first leather golf jacket with a zipper; it was a custom made jacket for the Prince of Wales. During the 1920s, Émile-Maurice added an accessory collection and a clothing collection to the Hermès store. In 1922, the first leather handbags were introduced; Émile-Maurice himself was the one to create the handbag collection. In 1929, the first women’s couture apparel collection took place in Paris.

Robert Dumas-Hermès succeeded Émile-Maurice. He became the first man not directly descended from Hermès lead the company; his marriage was the bridge connecting him to the family. Dumas was quite interested in scarf designs and began to produce designs for silk scarfs. In 1956, a photo of the new Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly, was shown carrying the Sac à dépêches bag. She held it in front of herself to cover up her pregnancy. Hence, the bag has since been named the “Kelly” bag. After this incident, the Hermès store became so popular for displaying scarfs, stainless watches, accessories, silk ties, handbags, jackets, and outfits. To this day, Hermès is known as a French luxurious fashion goods manufacturer specialized in leather, accessories, home furnishings, perfumery, jewelry, watches, and edgy clothes.

By Rozaline Beshay