You are probably read this thinking oh it’s one of those articles saying “don’t procrastinate” or “start studying 1 month before your tests” but honestly I personally know like one person who starts studying a week before exams. So instead of writing the typical “Healthy Study Habits” article, I present to you “How to Study for Finals When it’s too Late to Start Early.” So we have about a week left for finals and I seriously don’t know one person who started studying. During that week you should always keep in mind that it’s never too late, so if you find yourself sitting there doing nothing, maybe start looking at your study guides. Another thing you should do is not panic because all it does is stress you out and waste your time without you realizing it. Another reason not to panic is that it just makes you realize the amount of stuff you have to do without you actually doing anything.

If you are the type of person who’s going to study for a semester exam the night before, it’s okay because you’re really not alone. Just know that you should study all that you can and not sit there and read everything without actually understanding because based on personal experiences, it really doesn’t work.  If you’re the type of person who usually starts studying early but didn’t this time and is now freaking out, it’s okay for you too because guess what, you have a whole week left, which is plenty of time for you to study just go make a studying schedule and you’ll be fine. No matter how you study, or maybe you don’t, you have a whole week left to do whatever you need to do. Whatever works for you do it, what works for you works for you, so don’t panic and good luck.
By Fareeda Eraky