1. Longest Ear HairAnthony Victor an Indian Citizen holds the record for the longest ear hair, the hair measures up to 7.12 inches sprouting from the center of his outer ears.
  2. Furthest Eyeball Popper: Kim Goodman, an American citizen, can pop her eyeballs a staggering 0.47 inches beyond her eye socket.
  3. Longest Maggot BathNot quite sure how proud one should be about this fact, but Christine Martin, a British Woman, sat in a bath with maggots for an hour and a half!!
  4. Most Stretchy Skin: Garry Turner of Britain is able to stretch his skin up to 6.25 inches due to a medical condition of his (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome). This medical condition affects his body’s internal organs along with the external tissue and skin.
  5. Most Rattlesnakes Held in the Mouth: Jackie Bibby,USA, was inspired to hold the most rattlesnakes in his mouth. The record was recorded in 2001, and he held eight Rattlesnakes by their tail, for up to 12.5 seconds
  6. Longest Fingernails, Female: Although this looks a little uncomfortable, Lee Redmond, USA, started to grow her nails from the year 1979 till 2008. In 2008 her nails reached a height of 28 ft. in length. She later unfortunately lost her effort in a car accident a year after the measurements.
  7. Heaviest Weight Pulled with Eye SocketsChayne Hultgren was able to win the record for the most painful activity one could imagine. He won the record for pulling the heaviest weight with his eye sockets (907 pounds). The volunteers were sitting on a bike and they were attached to Chayne Hultgren’s eye sockets.
  8. Farthest Squirting Milk from the EyeIlker Yilmaz, a Turkish Construction worker, can squirt milk from his eyes up to 2 inches away from his body. Although it looks disgusting it was proved to be true in the year 2004.

By Omar Eleshmawi