For the first time in years, we put on a breathtaking performance right here at the home of the panthers. The well chosen cast, along with Mr. Hollis Ball and various members of staff, we were able to create an outstanding performance on our debut opening night. Not only were we able to create one unforgettable performance, but we were able to recreate that magic for the second performance the Sunday following the opening night.

A lot of time and energy were put into rehearsing and preparing for Into The Woods. Being a part of the publicity crew myself, I learnt many valuable things throughout the meetings and rehearsals I attended. I learnt how important my role is in the quality of the production as myself and many other members of the crew were given the job of designing the logo, flyers, tickets and distributing said items.

Mr. Hollis came back with a vision for the school and delivered on the promises he made to better the drama department drastically. Not only did most of the theater art students participate in the performance but there were several other volunteers who helped better the production. All in all, the talent combined with the work ethic created a spectacular show which brought the AIS community together in several ways.

Some honorable mentions have to include the duet ‘Agony’ sung by Shady Cassis and Adel Ramsy as well as Jack played by Mazen Hassan, the witch portrayed by Salma Mansour and the power couple of the play, the Baker and his wife.

All in all, it was a really amazing performance that we hope will be upstaged by all the upcoming shows planned by the drama department and even different levels of the theater arts classes. I would personally like to thank everyone involved and even those who weren’t, those who came and saw the performance because without them, there would have been no point. So thank you.

By Salma Abdelsalam