In the last school assembly, Youssef Atlam, Aly Salah, and Youssef Hanna presented a video they made going through Egypt and showing its true beauty. The video ran along the theme of “#myegypt” and I found this amazing. Many people neglect the true beauty of Egypt and view it as a poor and corrupt country, which although politically true, completely undermines what this country has to offer. Watching the video inspired me to think about how lucky I am to be an Egyptian and to live in such a beautiful country. It has countless amounts of beautiful beaches, countless amounts of artifacts and amusements, but most of all Egypt has the kindest “sha3b” in the world. No one can ever match the hilarious and caring nature of Egyptians. These days we all walk around with our eyes closed to all the beauty of the country and focus on the pollution or corruption, but if we open our eyes to the true beauty of our country, a new respect will be born. We neglect that Gouna, Hurghada, Sharm, Alex, and even Cairo are actually some of the greatest places in the world, and that even being in the heart of Egypt is still beautiful. In order to progress to ever changing the country and helping it return to the old Egyptian prime, we have to respect the country. This is where the video came into play. The video helps show how truly beautiful Egypt is, by capturing and exemplifying how much Egypt has to offer, these three individuals took the first step to improving Egypt. If this “#myegypt” is to take off it’ll help show people beyond the Egyptian borders that this isn’t a war struck country, it is actually a wonderful country with so much to offer. Take the time to stop complaining about Egypt and look at how much good there actually is, thanks Youssefs, and Aly for showing everyone how much this country really has to offer, great video.

By Yazeed Abul-Ata