scoial media

We all have some access to social media. Social media allows us to communicate with people all over the world. It allows us to connect with them and have a relationship with them. With use of social media many different things can get around faster. Social media makes communication easier and makes it bearable to be away from loved once. Through it people are able to stay connected to people they ones had physical connection with. If I lived across the world from my family, by use of social media, I can talk to my family, send them pictures and even video chat with them. These are all the great things about social media, but there are also negative effects of it.

Social media is very time consuming. Many people are sucked into it and just waste their whole day on it. Spending a balanced amount of time on social media isn’t bad, but spending more time than needed isn’t good. It causes people to divert from the things that require their attention. While they are spending their time on social media, with friends, they are missing out on the physical connection. A simple example is when a family goes out to dinner to spend more time with each other and stay on their phones most of the time. This doesn’t happen with all families, but it is common.

Social media has taken control of our lives. It causes us to detach from the natural world, to procrastinate and to be distracted from essential matters. We end up spending so much time on it that we have to rush to finish our work. We miss out on the fun of being with family and friends. It does have great benefits, but those benefits are not as great when we let it control us. If we are able to have self-control and manage it then it is a wonderful thing to have.

By Fisson Tibbo