We always hear that friends have a huge influence on us and on our decisions, but does anyone actually think about this? If you think about it for a second, you’ll see that you and your friends are quite similar. You might have similar hobbies, like similar things, or maybe even have similar grades. But why is this? The reason behind this resemblance between you and your friends is that you unconsciously choose friends who are similar to you, or you just become more like your friends the more you hang out with them.

The reason people stress that you should choose your friends wisely is because of the huge effect they have on you. If you choose people who are not  good role models to be your friends, chances are you’ll end up like them, or even worse. Especially in our teens, peer pressure can influence almost 100% of our decisions. Whether it’s choosing to do your homework or not, or getting tempted to something more dangerous such as taking drugs, your friends’ opinions make up a great part of your decision. Statistics prove that a percentage of drug addicts today started drugs as a result of peer pressure.

On the other hand, if you chose your friends wisely, not only will they have a great influence on you and your decisions, but they will also be a source of support through everything you go through. Having a few friends you trust has been scientifically proven to be healthy, since you can talk about your problems or things that bother you. Talking about your issues is a great way to relieve your stress. In addition, having someone to go through thick and thin with you greatly reduces stress and reduces the risks of depression. In conclusion, carefully choosing friends is extremely important because they are the people who have a huge impact on your life.

By Fareeda Eraky