Death might truly be my only option for happiness in this forsaken life. That’s what she said as she looked towards her bedroom floor under the midnight sky. She told herself she had a horrible life. No friends or people who care about her, and barely any family. Little by little, day after day, she knew what she had to do. People kept asking her not to, they told her things like “It will get better” and “You have so much to be thankful for”, while none of them knew the torment she suffered. Everyday, she would be tortured in her bedroom, located in the basement, both physically and mentally. Her aunt, Samar, appeared to be a friendly, hardworking woman, although Fatima knew who she really was. She knew that her aunt had secretly killed her parents to claim their fortune while everybody thought it was just a mistake. On one of her many painful days, Fatima decided her life wasn’t worth living. She killed herself.

By Jad Abbas