threeday weekend

In Egypt, it is common for Fridays and Saturdays to be weekends. The reason for this is because in Egypt, as well as in most Muslim countries, Fridays are the official days of prayer where all Muslims gather to go to the mosque. Saturday is included in the weekend, so that students can complete the assignments given to them during the weekend and also so they can rest from school. Although it is great that these schools are promoting religion by giving the weekend on these specific days, they are not recognizing other students who are dominating a great part of the student body, Christians. On Sundays, Christians gather in their churches to pray as well. Although Egypt is not currently a Christian nation, it began as one. Not only this, but AIS is an American school, meaning it is based off a Christian nation. As AIS follows their strict laws, rigorous educational programs, and some of their main holidays, they should give Sundays off, as it is one of the main official weekends in America.

School is great and everything, but regardless of AIS, all schools no matter the origin should provide Sundays as official weekend days. It is important for the schools to recognize that all people are equal no matter the gender, race, or ethnicity therefore schools should begin to notice all students and give them all the same rights. All students should be given the right to attend to their religious rituals with their parents and not be left behind at school; as Muslim students are given the right to pray on Fridays, Christians should be granted the same right to attend prayers on Sundays. Finally, instead of giving Fridays and Saturdays as the only weekends, Sundays should be given as well. All students would be satisfied with a three day weekend!

By Rozaline Beshay